Slice® Model 141 / Model 142

Slice® Model 141

  • Adjustable opening aperature up to 1.5″ highIMG_0242_ms2FLAT-1
  • Adjustable exit chute opening
  • Can pull materials from barrel or gaylord
  • Able to cut heat shrink tubing, rubber hose,                           braide bus, spiral wrap, multi-conductor cable                     and wire up to 10awg 

Slice® Model 142

  • Optical sensors to “zero-position” load and reduce scrap
  • Limits waste when cutting “stick”, adhesive-lined tubing or long lengths


Electric / pneumatic automated measuring and cutting bench top systems which were originally designed for cutting convoluted tubing (split or non-split) and has proven to be an industry leader in cutting a wide variety of materials, such as: hose, braided bus, multiconductor cable and heat shrink tubing.  Optical sensors reduce waste.141 video pic

142 video pic